The Tata group has officially taken over its only national airlines Air India. Under the vision of privatisation by the government of India and Prime Minister Modi, the company has finally come to a full circle with Tata group possessing 100 percent stake in Air India. The journey originally began when Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy (JRD) Tata started the airlines in 1932 as Tata airlines after which, in the year 1946, the division of aviation by Tata sons took place and the airline was listed as Air India.

Air India, in the year 1953 was announced as the national aviation and was split as a domestic airline and an international carrier. JRD made efforts and fought dynamically when Jawaharlal Nehru announced the nationalisation of Air India. But now the Tata Group has again taken over the airlines that it started. The Tata Group now, have all eyes on it as there are expectations that the company will change the fortune of the aviation, as Air India has been mocked at times for various reasons in the international affairs.

air india

Tata Group has acquired 100 per cent stake in Air India.

There are several issues that Tata will address, including the better quality of the aircrafts, meals that are to be served to the passengers, on-time performance of the airlines, and many others that made Air India a laughing spot. The stakes of the Tata group become even higher as the company is also operating the well known Vistara airlines as a joint project with Singapore airlines. Vistara airlines have carved a great position for itself as a premium airlines in the industry with services like best food, new technologies like wi-fi, new and better aircrafts and cabin crew that is smart dressed in a presentable way. The expectations and comparisons will now be made between Vistara and Air India as both the airlines are now a part of Tata Group. Air Asia India is also a part of Tata group along with the two. 

According to the sources, the group will now make certain changes for the development and the implementation of the changes to Air India flights has been started to elevate the experience of the passengers. Below mentioned are few of the changes that the passengers will experience in their journey with Air India in the coming days.

air india

Tata group will make certain changes to mark the change in image, perception and attitude of Air India.

The crew member of the airlines will now have to be well groomed and smartly dressed. Not just that, there will be grooming executives at the airports who will be checking the crew members on the basis of their dress-up and grooming.

In order to ensure the on-time performance, which is extremely important, the crew members have been instructed to that they have to make each and every effort to ensure that the doors are closed 10 minutes before the departure of the flight.

Tata Group has instructed the crew members to address all passengers as guests and the cabin crew will have to ensure the services provided to the guests and their safety, as it is to mark the change in image, perception and attitude of Air India.

The meal service provided to the passengers will be enhanced in selected flights in the initial phase, after which the enhanced meal will be expanded to passengers in all Air India flights.