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V S Parthasarathy appointed as vice chairman by Allcargo Logistics


Private logistics company Allcargo logistics has announced that the company has appointed veteran industry official and former executive board member of Mahindra group, V S Parthasarathy as the vice chairman with effect from January 25, 2022.

Parthasarathy’s role as non-executive independent Vice chairman of Allcargo logistics will be to mentor and guide other employees in the company under him and help to bring about the transformation of not just the company but also its subsidiaries which are Gati limited and ECU Worldwide. In March 2021, V S Parthasarathy had left the Mahindra group after serving the company for more than 21 years with all his capacity and has a significant contribution to help reach the company at such level, where it is recognisable worldwide.


Mr. Parthasarathy is a thought leader who has been appointed as the vice chairman of Allcargo logistics.

According to his profile, Mr. Parthasarathy is a thought leader who has been professionally awarded many times for his service and capabilities to bring about transformational changes. He also has a great experience in the logistics industry of over 35 years, with which he has strongly led transformations for the organisations, businesses and functions that were required for the growth of not just the particular business, but also for the industry as a whole. Parthasarathy is also considered to be a well-known speaker in the finance and IT fields with his experience, as he has been in the industry for a very long time.

The company is on a speedy journey to transform through a division of high-powered projects, and is willing to go far beyond regulating the efforts that are required and will also try to grab the opportunities that are emerging in a journey where the company is leading towards the aim of becoming a digitised logistics company globally, said the Chairman of Allcargo logistics, Shashi Kiran Shetty.

Parthasarathy being appointed as the vice chairman, will also speed up the growth of the company with his energetic mentorship, guidance and counselling to business leaders for the betterment of the industry, Shetty added. The chief executive officer of Gati Ltd, which is also the part of Allcargo group, is also formerly from the Mahindra Group.

Parthasarathy’s role as Vice chairman of Allcargo logistics will be  to bring about the transformation for the growth of the company. 

According to Allcargo logistics, the major role of V S Parthasarathy at Allcargo logistics will be to guide, mentor and advise the leaders of various functional groups of the company in order to ensure to enable growth of the business. As a though leader, Parthasarathy will help to create and implement the strategies, develop and encourage the capabilities and talent of the employees and guide the team with his leadership.

With his long experience in the sector, he has led many teams with strategies and has implemented growth for the company he has formerly worked with as well. At his last assignment with Mahindra group, Parthasarathy was leading the company as the president of the mobility service sector. He also served the company as the group chief investment officer and chief officer of the financial group for a duration of seven years in the company. Parthasarathy has also worked with Modi Xerox, where he served for 15 years, before joining the Mahindra group.

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