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Senegalese logistics company PAPS raised $4.5 million

PAPS, which is a Senegal based logistics and delivery platform, is providing services in the region and filling the gaps by offering several logistics services. The company has announced that it has raised an amount of $4.5 million pre-series in first round in order to expand the business and its tech-enabled solutions for the logistics. The round of funding was led by pan-African venture capital organisation 4DX Ventures in cooperation with regional telecom operator Orange. Other investors who participated in the round included already exixting funds Saviu Ventures and Uma Ventures. New invetors being a part were LoftyInc capital, Yamaha Motor,, Kepple, Proparco and Enza Capital.
PAPS was founded in the year 2016 in order to provide end-to-end logistics solutions in the industry for businesses with online and offline operations as well. In the initial period of time, PAPS was operating a consumer-to-consumer logistics plan, after which the company noticed the disorganisation in the requests and immediately turned after. For the company, it was difficult to get a precise idea about the flow of delivery in the given space, as it was different from that of a B2B model, where the deliveries are planned beforehand. The company is catering all types of business from small to large with their requirements and assisting them with the logistics requirements as well, including storage and international transport to last-mile delivery. PAPS is also providing merchants to track and know the position of deliveries with visibility features. These merchants give an information from take-off to the destination point while tracking it. Also, the merchant can schedule the deliveries on the platform with the smart technology. PAPS, the Senegalese company warehouses which are used to store the goods and parcels of their clients, motorcycles, vans, trucks and cars in order to carry out the logistics and deliveries intercity and intracity as well. The company has a great network of hubs which are close to their clients, and help to act as delivery points and makes it easy to deliver the goods.
The company has said that it wants to create an infrastructure for the businesses to get an access to the clients that they are not able to reach right now due to the logistics. The gap that the company is trying to fill is one of the major obstacles that the big corporations are not addressing, which is mainly the domestic market. PAPS claims that it is probably the only company which has taken a step ahead to address the domestic markets and this is the reason they want to provide quality and reliability. There are different types of clients that PAPS has including banking, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. PAPS is also used by some of the major players of the logistics business for their operations in Senegal and Ivory Coast. The companies included DHL, FedEx, and other business and consumer focused brands like Glovo, Jumia and Sokowatch. PAPS has claimed to be the largest delivery fleet in Senegal, which has made more than 10 million deliveries in the market. The company is planning use the Pre-series A round funding to strengthen its technical team and build out a great infrastructure n order to offer its services to more African companies.
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