Latest-generation gas engine by MAN

Engines that burn natural gas, special gas or biogas offer higher power and are more efficient than their predecessors.



MAN Engines is now offering a twelve-cylinder 450 kWmech gas engine based on the E32 series. Both the E3262 LE232, for natural gas, and the E3262 LE242, for biogas and other special gases, deliver 450 kWmech at 1,500 rpm (50 Hz). This means that MAN Engines has now bridged the gap in performance between 370 and 550 kWmech, which was previously covered by the earlier E2842 series.



“Switching to the latest generation of engines will not only give our customers higher performance, they will also achieve better efficiency,” points out Guenther Zibes, Head of Power MAN Engines. For the natural gas variant E3262 LE232, that is 41.3 percent mechas against 40.2 per cent mech for the E2842 LE322. The E3262 LE242 biogas variant of the new MAN gas engine
achieves 41.1 percent mech, compared with its predecessor, the E2842 LE202, which managed 40.2 percent mech. The possible applications of both gas engines also take in the very wide field of cogeneration for the industrial, municipal and leisure sectors.



Technically, the E3262 twelve-cylinder 450 kWmech engine is based on the same series as its 550 kWmech counterparts, which has been established in the market since 2013. Thus the new E3262 LE242 and E3262 LE232 are designed as forced induction four-stroke internal combustion gas engines, with twelve cylinders arranged in the shape of a V, and 25.8 litres displacement. MAN engineers managed to optimise the engine’s performance to 450 kWmech and improve its efficiency by using a modified camshaft and adjusting the valve timings appropriately. This gives customers a well-engineered, robust engine with identical connections and the same dimensions (1,748 mm x 1,243 mm x 1,500 mm (LxWxH)) as the 550 kW variant. The E3262 is now also available with 450 kWmech. Both natural gas and bio-gas variants comply with TA Luft (German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) and therefore guarantee especially low emission figures.



MAN Engines is also offering the new MAN twelve-cylinder engine as a 60 Hz variant at 1,800 rpm. Here, both the E3262 LE232 natural gas engine and the E3262 LE242 special gas engine provide 450 kWmech. Their efficiency levels are 39.3 percent mech (natural gas) and 38.6 percent mech (special gas).



As you see, MAN Engines’ portfolio of engines for natural gas and special gas currently covers a performance range from 37 to 580 kW. This includes the E0834 series with 4.6 l displacement, E0836 (6.9 l), E2676 (12.4 l), E3268 (17.2 l) and E3262 (25.8 l).



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