Re-export of cotton likely from Kochi port

Re-export of cotton likely from Kochi port

The Cochin Port Trust is expected to have facilities soon at its special economic zone for re-export of cotton that is imported from different countries and not used in the domestic market.

A.V. Ramana, Deputy Chairman of the port, said the Chief Commissioner of Customs was finalising the response for the proposal. The port currently handles cotton imported in containers. But, it did not allow re-export of the cotton that was not used here and the proposal was to introduce the facility as done at Thoothukudi.


Ramana said that there was a proposal to have rail connectivity between Bengaluru and Kochi for movement of goods for shipment. This could be connected to Coimbatore too.

The transit cost is heavy for road movement of goods compared to rail.


However, if the distance is short, rail movement would be expensive. One of the main challenges for the exporters here to move goods to Cochin Port by road was the Walayar check post. With introduction of GST, the check post has been removed.


Hence, the trade would prefer road. However, by providing in-land, rail connectivity export containers in this region could be consolidated and moved to the port.


The details for this are being worked out. Volume of goods from this region handled at the Cochin port increased by 30 % to 35 % and this year a 50 % growth is expected.


Regarding coastal connectivity, he said mother vessels come to different ports and the goods imported or exported could be moved from one port to another through coastal connectivity.


He said that “It is economical to move by sea. Hence, this segment should grow.”

P. Nageshwara Rao, Chief Commissioner - Customs and Central Excise, urged the trade and industry here to make use of the Cochin Port as it was closer to the industrial hub here compared to other ports.





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