Transcending boundaries

Transcending boundaries

Trade has evolved over centuries and surge in the modern day e-commerce is only going to lend further momentum to the online revolution. 

“I like being able to go grocery shopping and not feel that I am fighting a thousand people,” said someone very rightly. We are living in exciting times and technology has eased out a lot of things which were unimaginable a few decades ago. From lip-smacking food to buying matching accessories for your trousseau, everything is just a click away. The advent of the Internet has not only changed the way we communicate with others, but it has added a new dimension to our lives.

Today’s online transactions or precisely e-commerce is much different than the way businesses traded during historic times. It wasn’t till the time money was introduced that real commerce came to the fore. Commerce traces its roots to the 16th century when trading companies were formed in the UK, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. In those times, these empires traded with each other, and the passion to sail across sealed to discoveries of civilisations in Asia and Africa. In that era, the sea was the sole medium for trade including the most popular caravan routes of the Middle East and the shipping lanes of the Mediterranean which dominated the world's oldest trading system. The merchants undertook the process of ferrying goods between civilizations from India to Phoenicia. Even in those times, it was understood that commerce can flourish only if it is supported by the right infrastructure to create an effective logistics system. The Great Royal Highway constructed during Mauryan times connected the capital Patliputra with Taxila and the North-West Frontier. A lot more went into facilitating trade and commerce including royal roads which were constructed and spanned from east to west and north to south of the country. In fact, the mighty Ganga and its tributaries were facilitated for ferrying goods. There was a monumental shift in trade in the 20th century where old trade establishments gave way to supermarkets, stores and shopping malls.

Mukul Kashyap
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