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Time to invest in next generation technologies

next generation technologies

Automation is certainly having a powerful impression on the logistics and warehousing companies. Technological development, mainly the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics will definitely give a new name to the efficiency of this industry.


New technology, new market entrants, new customer expectations, and new business models. Like most other industries, transportation and logistics is presently facing immense change.


E-commerce giants like Amazon are by now using artificial intelligence in robots to match the high volume retail warehouses. These intelligence systems are utilised for automatically picking consumer products that are being shipped overnight in response to orders made over the internet. The most exhilarating part of these technology changes is that it is comparatively inexpensive as compared to its numerous benefits.


It is anticipated that such large warehouses will give a boost to the implementation of tech based solutions and advancement in the warehousing and logistics industry, as it is now more commercially viable.


There is a direct impact which the advancement in technologies could have upon the warehousing industry. Technology development, mainly the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will definitely give a new name to the efficiency of this industry. The use of advance technology and analytics in supply chain will eventually result in breeding an ecosystem where supply chains connect themselves with each other – hence permitting easy flow of products and data from one end to the other.


AI flawlessly connects the dots in unstructured data, and executes activities in a way beforehand unimagined.  AI is helping organisations analyse data; gain a better understanding of the variables in supply chain to await future scenarios.


Therefore, the use of artificial intelligence in supply chains is assisting businesses innovate swiftly in areas of smart procurement, intelligent indenting, efficient demand forecasting thereby delivering higher efficiencies in time to market and customer delight. Businesses are evolving by establishing a swift supply chain competent of envisioning and dealing with uncertainties.


It is expected that logistics function will undergo an important change as artificial intelligence gets deployed to handle domestic and international movement of goods.


The next step would be storage automation which works on the basics of space optimisation and recovery through intelligent handling solutions thus eliminating the use of forklifts or reach trucks.


Technology is serving the industry not only reduce cost but is assisting the industry to identify and put off cases of procurement frauds. Like other developed markets, Indian companies will now start using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a major impact in the way businesses run.


An environment that encourages rising demand from the industry and the rising trend of consolidation in warehousing will fascinate logistics providers to invest more towards process automation and storage automation in warehousing. In an endeavour to streamline operations and remain lucrative, companies will need to look at investing in next generation technologies.


Kanchi Batra

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