First Flight collaborates with FarEye to boost its logistics visibility

First Flight collaborates with FarEye to boost its logistics visibility

First Flight, premier domestic courier company  has partnered with FarEye, a digital logistics platform, for increasing the visibility of the logistics processes and enhancing its customer experience.


Technology is the need of the hour.

A pioneer in deploying innovative solutions for smoother operations, First Flight continuously invests in technology to  improve its daily operations . While scouting for a right mobility partner, First Flight found FarEye as a right-fit for handling its operations and zeroed on the digital logistics platform for its flexible and easily configurable platform.


FarEye optimised First Flight’s business processes and added a predictability layer to make them more receptive. The solution uses a blend of mobility and geo-intelligence to provide real-time multi-enterprise visibility of logistics function. FarEye has proved to be a partner of choice for First Flight in several ways as it undertook multiple business processes and automated them for better control and visibility.



Visibility by FarEye

FarEye’s dashboard provides First Flight  with not just vanity metrics but actionable insights that comes with the experience of working with E-Commerce giants globally. Right from mapping customer satisfaction to gamification of riders – FarEye’s insights help First Flight make data-backed business decisions.


Under the partnership, FarEye’s technology platform is managing deliveries that include delivering documents, prepaid parcels, cash-on-delivery and regional transport office parcels. FarEye’s Business Process Management engine for Logistics supports the functionalities like live monitoring of delivery personnel on Maps, option to update orders in bulk by selecting as well as scanning orders, better Battery Management  - to track battery of each devices , maintaining call Logs to review activity of biker and generation of automated emails to track productivity, zone -wise.



FarEye’s system also supports chat box for the managers that helps in interacting with the delivery person, and communicate any changes in operations or deliveries. FarEye’s mobile application works in 2G as well as in offline mode. On FarEye’s Delivery Happiness Platform, the visibility of the status is made available to the scanned images which can be accessed, real-time. With automated flow of information, both the CSD and operations teams at First Flight can now handle query in real-time and also gain better control on the field force.



A real time technology support

Commenting on the partnership, Nirmal Pande, AVP Corporate Operations, First Flight says “First Flight is delighted to partner with FarEye. Customer centricity lies at the core of our brand and this partnership will enable us to further provide a superior experience to our clients. FarEye’s platform is scalable, future-oriented and flexible and has enabled us to have complete visibility of each shipment and keep the customer informed at every step, ‘real-time’. It has also helped us in automating deliveries and reducing our carbon footprints.”


Kushal Nahata, Co-founder & CEO FarEye says, “The dawn of digitalization created the need for enterprises to adopt mobility solutions in order to overcome the operational complexities with the help of an added visibility layer. Our association with First Flight has been a massive learning for us and we have tried to put in our best and rolled out innovative solutions based on challenges faced by their team. The amount of learning we had working with First Flight is immense and has been our greatest reward. FarEye is an enterprise grade technology platform providing innovative products which help our clients deliver their brand promise 'real-time’.”





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