General Motors may include electric trucks in future

General Motors may include electric trucks in future

General Motors has once again dabbled into the hot topic and mentioned about its interest in building trucks with electric motors. There are chances that electrified pickup trucks might sneak into the GM’s product mix given buyers are willing to pay enough to make it worth the time to build them. Duncan Aldred, vice-president of the GMC brand said CNBC, “Certainly, it’s something we’re considering,” said.

On asked about the prospects of an all-electric version of the Sierra pickup, Aldred pointed out, that batteries are expensive, which means companies like GM have to be willing to accept lower profit margins on electric vehicles. Since pickups generate some of the highest profits in the history of automobile manufacturing, GM might be able to push batteries and electric motors into some of them without incurring the wrath of its shareholders.It is not the first time that the company has evinced interest in the production of electric trucks. Earlier also GM’s spokesperson has mentioned about the company’s plan to launch electric vehicles in the next few years and the goal to have a fleet of self-driving cars in operation next year. As of now the company has a few electric vehicles based on the Bolt EV platform which are planned for the next few years and its next-generation EV platform, which should enable greater performance, is also expected in 2021 and it should start with an electric Cadillac.

Although it has announced other cars but it has yet to announce an electric pickup truck, which is being seen as a new profit center. Tesla has been mulling over electric pickup truck for a while now while some startups have unveiled their options in the category.


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